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Education and Community

The Mediterranean Biennale will encourage cultural-educational involvement in the surrounding community.

Cooperation with Sakhnin College, which has over 3000 students, and also cooperation with Central Galilee College, which includes an Arts Department, and has above 1000 students.

Cooperation with the local centers of culture: the Peace Theater (for children), the Sakhnin Heritage Museum, and the Environmental Institution in Sakhnin, which carries out surveys and educational activities on environmental development in the context of coexistence. All the above institutions are cooperating with the Mediterranean Biennale and the presentation itself will be held in each of these institutions, which will be part of the Mediterranean Biennale itself.

High schools of art and education in the country will cooperate, including: the photography high school Camera Obscura, the circle for a second degree in literacy and education of the Kibbutz Seminars and students of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The students will visit Sakhnin, tour the area, and develop projects connected to the subject of the Biennale. The projects will be exhibited in Sakhnin's two colleges: Sakhnin College and the Central Galilee College in cooperation with students from the local Art Circle.

Workshops will be held in the framework of the Mediterranean Biennale and the works produced by the children will be exhibited in the local school in Sakhnin.

As part of the Biennale, lessons will be held on subjects connected to art in the realm of existence and education. In 2014 a study day was held on the subject of re-orientation, in which several researchers participated including: Sami Samuha, a researcher of sociology in Haifa University and an Israel Prize laureate, who gave a lecture on "Is Israel Turning to the West or to the East"; a lecture by Dr. Uzi Elyada, a senior researcher of the history of culture from the Department of Communication in Haifa University, on the subject of "Israeli and Mediterranean Identity – Conflict and Repression Relations", etc.

Through the framework of educational activities and the aims of creating a dialogue and rapprochement, we are interested in promoting a coming together of religions – between the diverse representatives of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths, by means of holding a study day in which Rabbis and Priests together with the local Qadi will participate. We should point out that there are sites of the three religions in the area: the grave of Yehoshua de Sakhnin (the tomb of a Revered Rabbi) and Catholic and Orthodox churches as well as mosques and a Sufi prayer center.