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The Biennale event will take place in a number of localities throughout the city:  

  1. The Old City route / the heart of the city: The Sakhnin Heritage Museum will comprise a notable part of this route and in addition works of art will be placed in the Old Mosque, in the Orthodox Church, in the Catholic Church, and in several private homes.
  2. The City Center / the main thoroughfare along the road – and the main commercial district: the two colleges in Sakhnin, the city council building, and several urban focal points will be included in this route.
  3. The route beside the football stadium of the Bnei Sakhnin team: The pride of the city of Sakhnin is its football team, of which the mayor of Sakhnin is the chairman. The Biennale will exhibit in halls in spaces beneath the stadium, in the space of the Peace Theater, in a number of oil presses beside the stadium, as well as in the Towns Association for Environmental Quality- Beit Natufa (TAEQ) AND Institution for Environmental Research.
Viewers following the routes of the Biennale will have the opportunity to see the works of art on the one hand and on the other hand to be in contact with the urban complexity of the city of Sakhnin and of its various institutions, as well as enjoying the benefits of direct contact with the residents of the city.