The Mediterranean Biennale


About The 4th Mediterranean Biennale

The Mediterranean Biennale is celebrating ten years since its inauguration in Haifa in 2010 as a model for multicultural cooperation and dialogue between diverse outlooks and opinions held by different communities and groups. It offers a venue in which to discuss issues such as restoring art to the public; art’s relevance in today’s consumerist society; and art as a bridge between cultures.

The Mediterranean Biennale offers an alternative platform, highlighting the local processes being created in the region and enhancing their cultural impact by means of art directed toward the community; art that emerges from the museum walls and integrates with the city. The city becomes a place for artistic thinking and inspiration, and a laboratory for ideas and creativity.

Entitled LIVING TOGETHER—CROSSING BORDERS, the 4th Mediterranean Biennale seeks to reinforce solidarity, delving into the notion of the city as a shared public space, in response to the current Coronavirus crisis and its aftershocks. It sustains interpersonal interaction beyond borders in a time of travel restrictions and social distancing.

Like other places in the world, Israel has seen new heights of precaution, anxiety, and paranoia during the coronavirus crises. The unequal access to spaces and resources has been intensified, and existing exclusion mechanisms have been exacerbated. Manifestations of racism, social inequity, and economic injustice have become more apparent. The politicization of the pandemic, long spells of confinement indoors, and restricted travel, along with the predicted economic recession reinforce the gaps.

The pandemic has made it difficult to meet new people, but the dialogue is more important now than ever. For the Mediterranean Biennale, the city serves as a meeting point for artists, artworks, and audiences. Through art, one will be able to explore different parts of the city and be granted an opportunity to wander around and discover the urban spaces and the people living in them.

LIVING TOGETHER—CROSSING BORDERS wonders how to build and maintain structures of solidarity to counter isolation in light of current restrictions. Given the precarious situation in which the world finds itself, where should we seek new ways of life? What role can art—as a place for dialogue and social experimentation—play in this quest?

The 4th Mediterranean Biennale will serve as a locus that brings people from different cultures, sectors, and classes together to interact and work in a place free of prejudice, misconceptions, and fear, creating a better reality for us during the Coronavirus crisis. It emphasizes the need for art to be made in touch with people, in collaboration with them, together, as accessible as possible.

LIVING TOGETHER—CROSSING BORDERS introduces art as a tool that shortens distances and expands possibilities, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences even when physically distanced.

The Mediterranean Biennale